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In an era where everything can be measured, marketing has become exceedingly tough, competition has increased, sophistication knows no boundaries and marketing managers must be scientists – tracking ROI, optimizing, carrying out A/B testing and devouring spreadsheets for breakfast. At boobadigital, we live and breathe this environment. We thrive in it. Here, we measure everything, test everything and continually optimize everything. We are always learning, changing, improving and raising the bar each and every day. We are creativity and science joined together, so, we checked what would be the most effective mustache length for Booba (our mascot). The answer is 3 cm. Verifiably.


You are probably asking yourselves, what is

boobadigital is a unique company. A company that perceives a client’s entire journey, commonly referred to as "The Customer Journey" - from the efforts exerted to acquire new customers, to lead generation, improving conversion rates, increasing customer value, customer retention, and extending customer lifetimes. That's what we do, and that's what sets us apart.

The boobadigital team brings to bear a singular blend of experience, capabilities and deep understanding of the worlds of email marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, content management and online communities. We do this in ways that are measurable and are always committed to results. Want to try us out? Let's talk about what boobadigital can do for you.
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Email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel of all, generating ROI of over 4000%, and boobadigital is “THE” number one expert in the field: from building winning email campaign strategies, to managing your email and newsletter activities. We will help you improve your opening, click-through, and, most importantly, your conversion rates. boobadigital is, at once, technical, creative and analytical. and it is this combination of skills that makes the difference between just any email campaign and campaigns that yield results. Let us show you why we are the best in the industry.


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Do you send thank you emails to subscribers for joining your service, product or newsletter? Then what? How does the relationship continue? What if they didn’t open your e-mail? What happens when a customer shows increased interest in your product?

We excel at managing customer journeys and touch points. We will help you construct customer journeys, conversion funnels, and relationships that promote interaction, maintain ongoing connections with your customers, and will smartly automate a variety of marketing actions, with minimal resources and maximum efficiency. So, let us shift your marketing into auto-pilot and watch the profits roll in.


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Paid campaigns on Outbrain? GDN? Facebook? Google Adword? Taboola.... soooo simple! Our paid promotions department has extensive experience with such promotions, at any budget level, understands brand advantages, researches the competition and continually analyzes your promotional activity. Our PPC gurus are super-quants, possessing a strong tendency towards detail, but also wonderfully creative. boobadigital is an official Google Partner.

STUDIO - We can design everything

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Unbeatable design, unmatched creativity. The magic of our studio originates in a singular combination of top quality graphic design, creative processes and user experiences. At boobadigital we care to always be up to date regarding the latest innovations and hottest trends in the digital design space and the UI universe. Our elite designers will design anything your heart desires for any marketing style, channel or medium. Newsletters, landing pages, websites, banners, presentations, just name it! The digital brand experiences they create for you will guarantee that your customers will internalize your messages, not pass them by.


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At boobadigital we see writing as an artform. We love to write content and are good at it! Content for emails, for your website, for landing pages, for your Facebook page and for your blog. Marketing, sales, instructional or professional content? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered! So, hand us your pen and let us write something for you.

SEO + Google Analytics

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Our “organic promotions” (SEO) team has established a multi-faceted relationship with Google. They will match content strategy to SEO activity, will analyze the “insides” of your website and will specify all of the necessary optimization actions to be taken. They will also formulate a strategy to help you secure links back to your site, and will continually track and monitor your site’s performance. Complementing the SEO team is our analytics department, who monitors and analyzes website visitor activity, allows you to thoroughly examine your sales process, to measure media channel quality, to improve campaign performance on the fly and, in the end, helps you to get more out of your existing web assets.


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Social. A big word that encompasses a whole world. At any given moment, your existing and potential customers are communicating with others over social media. Your ability to create a commercial interaction whenever and wherever your customers may be, is the key to effective marketing and to forming positive, long-term relationships. boobadigital’s community and “Social” experts, will closely study your brand, your goals and your target audiences, will create original, compelling, and converting content, will manage your campaigns, monitor the chatter about you, safeguard your reputation and build for you large and loyal online communities.

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The personal service and close attention provided by the boobadigital team are an inseparable part of our uncompromising commitment to our clients’ success and to helping them achieve their business and marketing goals. Our experts and support staff will be happy to assist you with anything you may need to build quality, focused and successful marketing campaigns, both from technical and marketing perspectives.

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